Engage Prospects With Conversational Chatbots

November 7, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

Imagine being able to help your prospects get answers to common sales questions so they give you their contact information or your existing policyholders get support information right when they need it.  All without having to burden your agency’s staff. Streamline your customer engagement and make the most of your time with conversational chatbots. What … Read More

Let Clients Schedule Calls From Your BrightFire Website

October 8, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

Imagine sitting down at your desk in the morning and being welcomed by new prospect appointments that are already neatly organized on your calendar. Now, through your BrightFire website and popular appointment tools, you can accomplish just that 24/7! Your BrightFire website now integrates with Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and Doodle! By connecting your favorite call scheduling tool, every … Read More

BrightFire Provides Custom Website Design That Fits Your Agency

September 26, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

We’ve had a busy year at BrightFire releasing lots of new features that focus on tools and functionality of our agency websites. These features have helped our insurance agencies save time and sell more, but they are only a few of the many updates we’ve had in the works. During this same time, we’ve also … Read More

Boost Lead Conversions With Text Message Notifications

September 19, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

Managing new leads is an integral part of the insurance business. According to a study on lead response times and qualification, the odds of contacting a lead decrease by over 10 times in the 1st hour.   Because receiving and contacting leads as soon as possible is critical to lead conversion and essential to growing … Read More

ADA / WCAG 2.0 Compliance For Insurance Agency Websites

September 17, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

We believe that all insurance agency websites should provide a pleasant and convenient experience for everyone. Your policyholders and prospects should be able to interact successfully with your website regardless of which device or browser they are using, and regardless of whether they have limitations or disabilities. In order for websites to conform with the … Read More

BrightFire Adds Group Benefits to Blog Content Service Options

September 10, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites, Content Marketing

At BrightFire, we take pride in listening to our customers. Thanks to feedback from our customers, our blog content service now offers even MORE content and MORE options! Starting this month, our customers can choose to receive up to two blog posts every month about Group Benefits. These additional posts are available at no cost … Read More

Sell More & Save Time with BrightFire Website Integrations

July 9, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

As part of BrightFire’s Website & Digital Marketing platform, we are able to integrate numerous marketing, quoting, and customer support services used by insurance agencies. With these integrations, your agency can automate tasks, sell more efficiently, and grow your business more easily than ever before. BrightFire has supported many of these services for several years … Read More

BrightFire Expands Blog Content Service For Our Agency Websites

May 17, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites, Content Marketing, Marketing Services

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our blog content service to provide new content for life and health insurance and additional content for personal and business insurance. Delivered right to your insurance agency website. This service is available in all website packages.  Content marketing is important. It helps build trust, generate leads, … Read More

New Interactive Website Design Features

March 27, 2019By Michael GarnerAgency Websites

BrightFire has released new interactive website design features for existing and new insurance agency websites. These new features will make your website more interactive by adding animations and mouse hover effects that bring your website to life as the user scrolls down the page or hovers over certain elements of the page. In turn, this … Read More

Built-In Cross-Selling Tool For Insurance Agencies

March 18, 2019By Tim BellowsAgency Websites

As part of our mission to continually improve our insurance agent websites and grow your business, we have developed a new and improved Annual Insurance Checklist that will make it easy for insurance agents to help customers know what kind of coverage they should consider to protect their assets. This interactive web form uses separate … Read More