A Diva, a Pimp, and a Mandalorian Walk Into a Bar

June 15, 2015By Michael GarnerCompany News

A diva, a pimp, and a Mandalorian walk into a bar… That’s what happens every time Becky, Shawn, and Michael go into a bar now because they have just received new job titles. The entire staff at BrightFire has had a job title makeover, and let’s just say there was no corner unturned with the creative … Read More

Google Creates a Panorama for BrightFire

April 8, 2015By Michael GarnerCompany News

BrightFire moved into a bigger and better space so we could enhance the way we work. Not only does the space provide the optimal space for collaboration and communication; it also helps to get the creativity flowing. In order to allow our clients to see how we work, we decided to enhance our Google My Business page with … Read More

BrightFire’s New Office is Open

October 17, 2014By Michael GarnerCompany News

We’re finally in our new home and getting settled. The renovations to the new office were completed, and we moved in on September 22! It’s only two miles away from our old office, but it’s a major upgrade in floor space, aesthetics, and working environment. At BrightFire, collaboration and communication are critical to our success, … Read More

BrightFire is Moving!

August 9, 2014By Michael GarnerCompany News

We will be moving into our new office in mid-September. After three years and several new folks, we were bursting at the seams and it was time to find a new home. Luckily we found larger space that was perfect for us only a couple miles away. We needed more than just a little elbow … Read More

Say Hello to Becky

March 19, 2014By Michael GarnerCompany News

Becky McDaniel joined BrightFire in January as a Project Manager working in our Insurance Agent Market group. A self-proclaimed Google Analytics geek, she has a strong background in WordPress, social media marketing, content marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. Becky has only been with BrightFire for about two months and she’s already receiving gifts from customers. … Read More