It’s Pronounced “Jif” NOT “Gif”

May 25, 2013By Michael GarnerTech News

The old debate over how to pronounce GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, re-emerged last week when Steve Wilhite, the inventor of the common graphic image format, declared it should be pronounced “jif”, like the brand of peanut butter, instead of with a hard G sound. At the Webby Awards Tuesday night, Mr. Wilhite … Read More

Got Some MailChimp Swag Today

April 21, 2013By Michael GarnerCompany News, Marketing Services

A big shout out to our fellow Atlantans at MailChimp. They sent us some MailChimp swag and of course we dropped everything to play with it! Another example of excellent branding and marketing on their part. We also love using MailChimp as part of the email marketing we do for our customers and ourselves.

Welcome Greg Mercer to the BrightFire Crew!

November 5, 2012By Michael GarnerCompany News

Please welcome Greg Mercer to the BrightFire crew! Greg is an exceptional Project Manager with experience in website project management and the WordPress platform. Working closely with our clients, Greg ensures that all projects are run smoothly, delivered on time, and on budget.

Mike Peters Joins BrightFire

June 11, 2012By Michael GarnerCompany News

BrightFire is pleased to announce that Mike Peters has joined the BrightFire team as a Graphic Designer. Mike brings a diverse background in both graphic design and web design and will be an excellent addition to the mix of experience at BrightFire.

BrightFire Insurance Websites

March 4, 2012By Michael GarnerCompany News

BrightFire releases new websites and designs for insurance agents. BrightFire’s Insurance Websites Group produces websites and internet marketing services specifically for the insurance agent and broker market in the US. The new websites include a content editor, new quote forms, SSL encryption, and an integrated blog. You can view the new insurance agent websites at … Read More