Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Content Marketing

Your customers are using social media every day. It is important that you keep them engaged and connected with your agency so that you’re always their first option.

According to a recent Google report, 49% of internet users now make a purchase based on recommendations they see on social media sites. Just like before Facebook and social media, consumers would ask their friends and colleagues for recommendations before making a big purchase. Now, with the power and reach of social media on the internet, consumers seek recommendations online before practically every purchase.

BrightFire can setup customized social media portals for insurance agents to help boost your search engine ranking, improve your online reputation, and increase exposure of your insurance website.

Facebook Business Fan Page

Your first stop for social media marketing. BrightFire includes social media integration with all of our insurance websites; however, if you need a customized Facebook fan page for your agency, we can help.

Your agency needs a Facebook business page, so do it right with a professional design and branding. Our Facebook business fan pages also include our insurance quoting app so Facebook users can request a quote right on your Facebook page.

Don’t lose credibility by having a generic looking business page that looks like it took 10 minutes to setup. Whether you need a new Facebook fan page or need an existing fan page redesigned, BrightFire can deliver.

Twitter Profile

Twitter is often mentioned in the same breath as Facebook when discussing social media, but it is a very different platform. In essence, Twitter is simply a micro-blogging platform – a way to blog 140 characters at a time.

For businesses, Twitter may require a greater commitment from your staff to keep momentum going – essentially because you’ll need to keep offering new and interesting information to maintain interest from your followers.

The main benefit Twitter offers over other social media sites is its ability to provide real-time information to the world; and Twitter is making it easier than ever for people to get the updates and news important to them.

LinkedIn Business Profile

Like Facebook, a LinkedIn company page is a social media must-have for your agency.

A LinkedIn profile for your business can help you to create important connections through this professional social networking site. Because LinkedIn is targeted to business professionals, it reaches a different and more professional market, like commercial insurance consumers, than other social media websites.

With a LinkedIn profile created by BrightFire, you can start creating connections and contacts with potential business customers, spread awareness about your agency, improve credibility, and even advertise to potential business customers.

YouTube Channel

Did you know YouTube is the number two search engine in the world?

It is also much cheaper to place a commercial for your business on YouTube than on local television programs. YouTube also allows your clients and friends to comment on your video as opposed to having a commercial on television.

We will create your YouTube account, brand with your logo, customize background, add your agency information, links and tags. This includes optimizing your YouTube channel with relevant keywords and locations in order to increase the number of views and subscribers.

Let BrightFire help you get started with YouTube so you can start using the power of video.

Content Marketing

Don’t have time to write blog posts or post to your social media accounts every week? We’ll manage it for you as part of our content marketing service included in our ESSENTIAL and ADVANCED Packages.

BrightFire’s content marketing includes the creation and sharing of valuable insurance content via blogs and social media to attract traffic and visitors and then convert them into leads, customers, and then customers into repeat buyers. With search engines like Google and Bing placing a greater importance on content than ever before, it’s important your website gets updated regularly with fresh content.

Show search engines and your insurance consumer audience that you’re here to help them as an insurance expert and available to provide a quote when needed.

Optimizing your social media and content marketing for sales conversions.

We help agencies of all sizes with social media.

See the website and marketing packages available to best fit your agency.