Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads

BrightFire's Search Engine Marketing strategy combines PPC and SEO for maximum effectiveness and savings.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, both paid search and paid social, is one of the most effective strategies for promoting your insurance agency. It allows you to start driving qualified traffic to your agent website very quickly.

BrightFire’s PPC Management Service offers ample control over your advertising costs and location targeting, a measurable channel of reaching new prospects, greater brand recognition, and expanded online presence over your local competitors.

The BrightFire Difference

Many marketing companies approach SEO and PPC as completely separate strategies. While they are different in many ways, BrightFire considers SEO and PPC as being two sides of the same coin: search. Combining a targeted PPC campaign alongside our local SEO service can be a great move for insurance agencies looking for immediate results (leads) while also investing in a more long-term, sustainable organic SEO strategy.

Since BrightFire will be monitoring and managing both your PPC advertising campaign and your local SEO service, we can effectively deliver the most leads while controlling your costs.

Coordinated search marketing strategies increase your website’s visibility and drive sales conversions. Paid and organic search work in tandem to achieve the same marketing goals by increasing page authority, developing prospect awareness, and generating new sales leads.

insurance ppc advertising
  • Google AdWords text ads appear in Google’s search results pages when users search for your targeted keywords.Google AdWords (Text Ads)
  • Bing Ads text ads appear in Bing’s search results pages when users search for your targeted keywords.Bing Ads (Text Ads)
  • These are graphic ads that are shown across the Google Display Network of websites to users who have already visited your website perviously. Also know as remarketing, this powerful marketing technique allows you to stay connected with your target audience, even after they leave your site.Google AdWords Display Ads & Remarketing
  • BrightFire will provide the ad copy and graphics for your PPC ad campaigns.Ad Creatives
  • Each ad will include a specific landing page to help increase visitor conversions.Ad Landing Pages
  • You will receive a monthly report detailing your PPC advertising campaigns.Monthly Reporting
  • Our PPC Marketing Specialist will provide a 1/2 hour PPC campaign review and strategy call with your each month.Monthly Consultation
  • Pricing includes up to three Ad Groups or advertised products including targeted keywords, text ads, and landing pages. Example Ad Groups include Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance, Workers Comp, etc. Additional Ad Groups can be created if requested.Ad Groups
  • We will integrate your ad campaigns with your Google Analytics account to provide the visitor and performance details.Google Analytics Integration
  • Campaign setup and consulting from an AdWords Certified Specialist.AdWords Certified Consultant
  • TIER 1

    Google AdWords Text Ads
  • $200 Setup
    & $50 / Month

    (+ Ad Spend)

  • 3 Ad Groups
  • TIER 2

    Google AdWords Text Ads + Bing Text Ads
  • $300 Setup
    & $75 / Month

    (+ Ad Spend)

  • 3 Ad Groups
  • TIER 3

    Google AdWords Text Ads + AdWords Display Ads & Remarketing
  • $450 Setup
    & $75 / Month

    (+ Ad Spend)

  • 3 Ad Groups
  • TIER 4

    Google AdWords Text Ads + AdWords Display Ads & Remarketing + Bing Text Ads
  • $550 Setup
    & $100 / Month

    (+ Ad Spend)

  • 3 Ad Groups
NOTE 1: Monthly recurring costs do not include monthly ad spend on clicks with the different ad networks. Those costs will be charged to your credit card directly by Google, Bing, or Facebook.

NOTE 2: Minimum Advertising Spend: There is a $200 minimum ad spend per ad network.

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Google AdWords

Online advertising with Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers quickly and grow your agency. Google AdWords is the world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform and should be the base for every PPC advertising campaign.

AdWords campaigns can include text ads on search results pages, graphical display ads on other network sites, and remarketing ads. Remarketing allows you to target people who have previously visited your agency website, helping you to reconnect with them through display ads that show up on various sites across the Internet and help lure them back to you.

We’ve mastered the techniques and best practices required by Google to become AdWords Certified. Our Google AdWords Certified Specialists will implement your PPC campaigns to maximize results and optimize your ad spend.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads work very similarly to Google AdWords but, of course, they use the Bing search engine instead. Plus, Bing Ads also run on the Yahoo platform. While the majority of advertisers use Google AdWords, Microsoft’s Bing is still one of the big players with a large share of the search market.

With nearly one third of all searches occurring on the Bing network (Bing+Yahoo), an insurance agency that does not take advantage of Bing Ads is potentially missing a great number of potential leads.

Facebook Ads

You can find your perfect target audience on Facebook.

With the highest number of monthly active users of any social network in the world by far, Facebook has become a highly competitive and potentially successful element of many insurance agent’s pay-per-click advertising strategy.

Since Google AdWords and Bing Ads are considered “paid search”, Facebook Ads can be referred to as “paid social” or the practice of advertising on social networks. Unlike Google AdWords and Bing Ads, which helps agencies find new customers via keywords, Facebook Ads help users find insurance agents based on the things they’re interested in and the ways in which they behave online.

Facebook Ads allow you to target people with a high degree of precision, based on such categories as interests, gender, age, and demographics.

BrightFire can help your your insurance agency with a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy combining both Local SEO and PPC Advertising.

Targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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