Effective SEO for Insurance Agency Websites

Locally Focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Insurance Agents

For an insurance agent website to be truly successful today, it not only needs to be visually attractive; it must also have effective local SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Local SEO Service Features:

  • SEO Management and Updates.
  • Google My Business Page & Updates.
  • Google Search Console & Updates (Webmaster Tools).
  • Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Bing Local Page & Updates.

Local SEO Service

This service is available in the SEO Bundle.

Package price includes service for one office laocation.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Local SEO's importance has grown significantly over the last few years given the weight Google has placed on local SEO for insurance related keywords and the rise of smartphone usage. While it shares a lot of similarities with general SEO, it’s really very different.

Local SEO is focused on improving search engine rankings that are relevant to an insurance consumer based on their current geographic location while using a search engine. So if they search for ‘insurance agent’, Google would provide them with search results for insurance agencies or agents nearest to them.

Google My Business Setup & Optimization
BrightFire will either create a new Google My Business (formerly Google+) listing for each of your office locations or optimize your existing Google My Business pages. We’ll make sure your Google My Business pages are problem-free, perfectly optimized, visually attractive, and appealing to insurance customers. This step is critical: if anything’s wrong with your Google My Business page, you’re much less likely to show up in local searches on Google.
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SEO Management & Updates
We are constantly improving our websites’ content, functionality, and creating new enhancements to improve SEO. Google and Bing are also changing their algorithms (ranking formulas) and emphasizing or de-emphasizing certain ranking criteria over time. As part of the ESSENTIAL & ADVANCED Packages, we will keep your website up-to-date with all BrightFire SEO improvements and any changes needed to stay current with the latest search engine ranking criteria.
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Google Analytics + Search Console
We will setup a Google account including Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing tracking. Google Search Console is a tool which allows us to view your website the way Google sees it - reporting errors, indexed pages, submit XML sitemaps, and receive important notifications.
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