BrightFire Technology Partners offer unique solutions for insurance agencies.

BrightFire has teamed up with some of the most innovative technology leaders in the industry.

Our Technology Partners provide complementary solutions that integrate with and extend the capabilities and value of BrightFire's website and digital marketing platform.

We work closely with our partners to integrate our services and share our expertise so that together, we can help our customers leverage digital marketing as a strategic advantage.

rocket referrals

Rocket Referrals works with insurance agencies to automate referrals, retention, and online reviews. Find & leverage your most loyal promoters by inspiring them to refer you to their friends and family. Keep clients engaged with meaningful communication so they're less sensitive of price and more appreciative of you. Grow your online reputation and drive warm prospects to your door by collecting and sharing positive testimonials and reviews.

Together, BrightFire and Rocket Referrals have built a two-way integration between the our platforms. This integration enables online reviews generated from the Rocket Referrals platform to be integrated seamlessly into BrightFire’s insurance agency websites.

google partner logo

BrightFire is a Certified Google Partner. We achieved Google Partner status by demonstrating that we meet or exceed AdWords best practices, have Google AdWords certified individuals on staff, and our managed clients have reached a high level of monthly advertising activity.

BrightFire has both Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified individuals on staff, saving you time and maximizing your return on your marketing investment.

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