Here are some of the comments our insurance agent customers have said about our websites.

Mike McManus<br/>Rothrock & Associates (FL)

“I am loving our review scrolling key on our website.”

“I am loving our review scrolling key on our website. We recently got a lot of reviews on yelp and they are displaying on the website! Awesome!”

Mike McManus
Rothrock & Associates (FL)
Michael Walker<br/>Inclusive Benefits (NY)

“You truly have exceeded my expectations.”

“I just reviewed the site and I’m very please with the results! You truly have exceeded my expectations.”

Michael Walker
Inclusive Benefits (NY)
Jim and Doris Honochick<br/>Yutz-Merkle Insurance (PA)

“we LOVE appearing on the first page of Google…”

“Just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE appearing on the first page of Google searches!!”

Jim and Doris Honochick
Yutz-Merkle Insurance (PA)
Paul Murphy<br/>Annapolis Insurance Advisors (MD)

“best investment I’ve made…”

“Your website is, by far, the single best investment I’ve made in my insurance business.”

Paul Murphy
Annapolis Insurance Advisors (MD)
Roselle Wilkinson<br/>Corporate Risk Advisors (GA)

“Thank you SO MUCH for your excellent service.”

Roselle Wilkinson
Corporate Risk Advisors (GA)
Emily Barefoot<br/>Ellis Barbour & Sons (NC)

“You are absolutely the best!!!”

Emily Barefoot
Ellis Barbour & Sons (NC)
Erica Grenier<br/>The Lovely Insurance Agency (MA)

“You guys are the best.”

Erica Grenier
The Lovely Insurance Agency (MA)
Chris Noveri<br/>Noveri Insurance (TX)

“I’d like to compliment your high level of service.”

“Great thanks a lot. I’d like to compliment your high level of service. I wish everyone I dealt with in the insurance industry had your level of service!”

Chris Noveri
Noveri Insurance (TX)
Ari Fischman<br/>Simplified Benefits (MI)

“Great job. I think it looks fantastic!”

“Once again. Great job. I think it looks fantastic! I am very pleased with what I see.”

Ari Fischman
Simplified Benefits (MI)
Kevin Dunn<br/>Dunn Insurance Group (MD)

“I am honestly amazed…”

“Will be recommending you to a few other agents – you did a great job. I am honestly amazed how this turned out.”

Kevin Dunn
Dunn Insurance Group (MD)
Gary Sephton<br/>Business Risk Management (NC)

“The new website has exceeded all expectations.”

“The new website has exceeded all expectations. Keith you have done an outstanding job. I am so motivated to introduce it to every prospect. Thanks so much.”

Gary Sephton
Business Risk Management (NC)
Brennan Hurley<br/>Hurley Insurance Brokers (PA)

“it’s refreshing working with you guys.”

“Thank for the quick turn around Greg. In a never ending sea of people who don’t do their jobs well, it’s refreshing working with you guys. Greatly appreciated.”

Brennan Hurley
Hurley Insurance Brokers (PA)
Michael McManus<br/>Rothrock & Associates (FL)

“I am ecstatic that we have found Brightfire!”

“I am ecstatic that we have found Brightfire! We will be using them for our website and SEO needs! Their Support staff is friendly and always willing to help especially Bob Whitis! He made my experience quick and easy with his in-depth knowledge of what my company requires. Thank you again!”

Michael McManus
Rothrock & Associates (FL)
Douglas Levi<br/>Strategic Insurance Services (FL)

“Seriously, you do an awesome job!”

Douglas Levi
Strategic Insurance Services (FL)
Mitch White<br/>Mitch White Insurance Agency (CA)

“Jessica, Really appreciate all the help!!!”

“THANKS.. you have been wonderful to work with!!”

Mitch White
Mitch White Insurance Agency (CA)
Tim Gaffney<br/>Georgia Workers Compensation Solutions

“We must get 5-6 leads a week…”

“We began working with BrightFire back in early 2000. In early 2006 we decided to set up another site for a new division, Georgia Workers Compensation Solutions. We again turned to BrightFire and they got the site up & running and optimized for the search engines in record time. We must get 5-6 leads a week from that site alone!”

Tim Gaffney
Georgia Workers Compensation Solutions
Jeff Buckenberger<br/>Buckenberger Christ Insurance (MI)

“…you really went the extra mile for us…”

“I wanted you to hear me say “Thank You” in general for your fine work these last few weeks, and especially with the Facebook page where I feel you really went the extra mile for us tailoring it to be a reflection of our style, while at the same time moving right along and getting it done without potential delays that could have arisen. I’m VERY PLEASED! THANK YOU!”

Jeff Buckenberger
Buckenberger Christ Insurance (MI)
Mike Robertson<br/>Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers (CA)

“solid, capable and resourceful…”

“I chose BrightFire and Michael because his approach mirrored how we wished to present our agency through a website – solid, capable and resourceful – without overstating anything or “promising the moon.” Michael directed me to examples of other BrightFire client websites and he listened open-minded to what I liked or did not like.

In a nutshell, Michael Garner and BrightFire mirror what we would like to think of as our agency’s premise – “exceed the client’s expectation and make it obvious to them that you take great pride in your profession.”

Mike Robertson
Risk Concepts Insurance Brokers (CA)
Andrew Connor<br/>Connor Insurance Agency (NC)

“ERIE, as you know, has teamed up with Brightfire and offered…what seemed to be too good to be true prices and a product that seemed unbeatable.”

“My name is Andrew Connor and we are an ERIE agency in North Carolina. ERIE, as you know, has teamed up with Brightfire and offered…what seemed to be too good to be true prices and a product that seemed unbeatable. We’re are thrilled to see how this new website and your services helps grow our online presence.

I would highly recommend you guys to any agency I come into contact with. We look forward doing business with you in the future.”

Andrew Connor
Connor Insurance Agency (NC)

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